We use only high quality products

We make dough with milk

We combine classic and original recipes
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Delivry cost - 50 UAH.

Looking for your orders from 10:00 till 19:00

Delivery area

Dinpro city - right bank, except

the following residential areas:

ж/м Красный камень (Krasniy kamen')

ж/м Покровский (Pokrovskiy)

ж/м Парус (Parus)

ж/м Западный (Zapadniy)

The delivery area is indicated in purple

Contact information
Restraunt "Grillpub"
36 Titova str., Dnipro
Appolo mall
+38 099 562 3632
Address for take away
36 Titova str., Appolo mall,
3-rd floor, food court (near the cinema)
Working hours
from 9:00 till 20:00